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The Yes Foundation is a non-profit “give-back” group

CLEVELAND, OH – With an eye toward encouraging individual professional growth, THE YES FOUNDATION has announced availability of several cash grants to be awarded in 2017 to individuals looking for continuing education.

Applications are being accepted and reviewed now.

The foundation is a non-profit “give back” group, funded by people who have already had a bit of success themselves.

Ideal applicants could be persons currently employed and already active in business, or individuals just starting out and looking for career opportunities. In addition, the foundation encourages active industry folks to nominate a deserving individual. An application form and a separate nomination form can both be found on the foundation’s website,

The Yes Foundation is still relatively new but has already generated an impressive cash balance.

“We have cash to give away,” says YES FOUNDATION board member Steve Capper. “If a person is motivated to learn and grow in the graphics field or in the awards business, we may be able to help. If you know someone deserving, please go to the foundation’s website and let us know.”

Capper says the website is easy to navigate for those wanting to make application, make nominations, or make tax-deductible donations.

The foundation plans to give away several thousand dollars this year and in future years to deserving recipients. Grant proceeds may be used for business-related education, including college-level classes or industry-specific training or seminars.

Megan Alstott Awarded YES Grant

A nonprofit a decade in the making debuted at THE NBM B.I.G. SHOW in Indianapolis in June 2015.

At its coming out party, The YES FOUNDATION presented two grant awards to people embodying the spirit of the organization’s mission, which is continuing education.

Checks were presented to a high school graduate that plans to pursue a career in the graphic arts and a career center that will use the money to fund Adobe Photoshop classes for some students.

Megan Alstott is a recent graduate of Irvington Preparatory Academy who is attending Anderson University near Indianapolis. Alstott says she plans to study visual communications and graphic design and minor in marketing

A free-hand artist, Alstott says she loves the aesthetic elements of getting a business’s message across.

Megan Alstott
Megan Alstott

“I guess people don’t really realize how much art is involved in the business world,” says Alstott.

After graduation she aspires to work for a large corporation, she says, using her creative talents to help deliver the company’s message.

“Every time I see a company’s logo I’m always thinking about how it could be different – how it could be better,” Alstott says.

For a YES FOUNDATION grant application form, please click HERE.

Walker Career Center Awarded YES Grants

Walker Career Center, offering students nearly two dozen career programs from construction technology to health sciences to TV broadcasting, has been awarded a group grant by THE YES FOUNDATION. Nancy Campbell, assistant director of the career center, and David Prevost, an instructor in graphic design, accepted the grant on behalf of Walker Career Center.

“It’s going to allow seven of the students to go to an Adobe Photoshop workshop,” Prevost says. “So not only my students but also those who are taking photography classes.”

For a YES FOUNDATION grant application form, please click HERE.